Welcome to LifeAlchemy Academy™

A Safe Space For Seekers, Mystics, Healers, Writers, & Creatives To Gather and Explore.


This network is for people who want to explore ALL the parts of themselves in order to connect to the ancient wisdom that lives inside of us. 

It's for those who want to explore what it means to live wholeheartedly, soulfully, unapologetically, and without regrets. 

Its for the light workers, the tarot readers, the intuitives and the heart-centered humans among us. 

In this network we value the duality of the divine feminine in conversation with the divine masculine. We honor slow living and deep diving. We excavate and embody the elements in order to positively transform our lives and bring the present into alignment with our highest good. 

We embrace all the parts that make us complex, walking contradictions who contain multitudes (thanks Whitman). These parts, when looked at, explored, massaged, and developed help us create alchemy in our lives. This is what The LifeAlchemy Academy™ is all about. 

Who should join us?

If you consider yourself led by your heart, we are your people. If you identify as a light or energy worker, a mystic, a priestess, a psychically inclined and soul-centered being, welcome to the temple space. If you are a writer, a poet, an artist, a creative entrepreneur, or a creative of any type, consider this your virtual studio/office. If you are a recovering perfectionist, a goddess finding her way back to herself, a mage, a kitchen witch, or a living channel for good, then you are exactly where you should be. If you are multi-passionate, creatively adventurous, or filled with more ideas that one person can hold, then this is a space for you to discover what brings you joy. And if you aren't quite sure you belong here, we invite you to stay a while and get in where you fit in

Most importantly, if your heart is pure and you have good intentions, then this space is for you. Welcome home. 

What we do here...

The LifeAlchemy Academy™ is the brain child of Kiala & Damon Givehand. It's a space that houses all of the courses we teach, private group discussion spaces for course, retreats, and workshops that happen in person, and courses of a few stellar guest teachers we know and trust. 

Along with a private and dedicated space for those attending The Sacred Makers Soul Retreat @ Squam Lake, here you will also find a weekly no-cost meditation session with Damon called Flow Motion Meditation. 

You'll find the 10-month program, Pull Pen Paint: A Journey of Self-Discovery Using Signs, Symbols, & Systems in Your Spiritual & Creative Practices that includes more than 25 teachers and more content than you can move through in a year. 

You'll find replays for the yearly event -- The Artsy Meetup Marathon -- hosted by Kiala and taught by multiple creative teachers. 

This is also where you'll find creative classes like (but not limited to):

Classes for Creatives (eager, aspiring, and reluctant creatives):

  • 7 Books in 7 Days
  • Brown Bag Beauties
  • DIY Washi Tape Class
  • Make Your Mark: Stamp Carving 101
  • The Deck Creator's Mastermind
  • SoulStitching 101

SoulCollage® Workshops

  • Deep Discovery: An Introduction to SoulCollage®
  • SoulSeeds™ Membership

Writing Circles with Kiala

  • SoulScribing™
  • Writing Into Winter

Guest Teacher Courses

  • Weaving Your Chakras Whole with Erin Orion
  • The Ultimate Deck Study with Kristen Radden
  • Adventures in Charm Casting with Kristen Radden